BEYOND® Polus® Advanced Whitening Accelerator

Winner of Top Whitening System 8 Years in a row


Combines halogen light, LED light and ultrasonic technologies to provide a premium whitening experience. A powerful halogen light is at the base of the lamp, backed by a fan that pulls heat away from the accelerator head.  An advanced light filtration system which includes a filtered lens and 200,000 optic fibers serves as a bridge between two light sources.  This filtration system removes harmful heat and UV light from the halogen light source and directs the full power of the light to the front of the lamp.  The 12 blue LED lights merges with the halogen light source at the front of the lamp head delivering maximum acceleration at a wavelength of 480-520 nanometers.

In addition to light acceleration is ultrasonic technology that is used to assist in the oxidation process.  BEYOND® Polus Advanced operates at a lower temperature than similar products by using the latest optical technology thus avoiding irritation of the nerves of the teeth.

When used in combination with our proprietary whitening formula which contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and silicon dioxide (SiO2) that acts as a catalyst, along with other special ingredients, the end result is not only whiter teeth but shinier teeth with reduced prep and chair time.

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Unprecedented Innovation and Flexibility in Whitening Technology!

●  Upgraded light filtration system containing over 200,000 optical fibers, to filter out all harmful heat and ultraviolet (UV) light
●  Dual-arch power whitening option can be set to High, Medium, or Low light output settings for a tailored treatment that best suits each individual patient
●  Single-tooth whitening option included for precise, tailored treatment results
●  Smart Remote Control that allows patient awareness of procedure time
●  Built-in air purifier for a cleaner and healthier environment

Innovative and Power-Packed System

●  Improved motorized arm that allows for yet easier adjustment of the accelerator head for a more comfortable whitening procedure
●  State of the art, full colored touch screen with newly added multilingual feature
●  Built-in instruction mode, that allows for a customized whitening procedure based on the client’s needs
●  Attached LED curing light, featuring a dual wavelength output to cure any dental composite on the market
●  Radial arm with 360 range of motion
●  Motorized height adjustment can be controlled from the TUI control panel and accelerator head
●  Advanced temperature cooling and monitoring system designed to prevent system from overheating, enabling high volume whitening sessions without interruption